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Here is a rare one from my wife’s collection. This is a large 54 blade exposition style knife marked Solingen Cutlery Co. B. Svoboda Germany. An identical knife was featured on Spike TV’s Auction hunters. It sold for $8,500.00 dollars on the show. This knife has everything from blades, farriers horse picks and other assorted tools. Rare and hard to find, especially in this unused condition.

Exposition knives have been made for centuries. Companies used them to display there goods in shop windows and for advertising at different fairs, expositions and shows. I have read that companies added one blade for every year they were in business. Some of these have over 200 blades and are highly ornate. I think i was told they even have one in the Smithsonian.

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  1. Now i’m looking to get cooking cutlery. Do you have any recommendation to me? Most of the low price cutlery sharp edge doesn’t long last. I’m looking such a knife that price will be affordable range and the sharp border will be long last.

    1. hi. there are quite a few good cutlery companies out there. germany has several including henckels twins, forschner and wusthof. there is some really good japanese made kitchen cutlery as well. as for u.s. made knives, cutco is the standard but not cheap at all. i hope that helps. doug

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